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Benefits of vegetables to our bodies

Requirements for vegetables differ from human to human.  Nevertheless, nutritionalists suggest that vegetables and accompanying products must be included in our daily diet and that an adult person must consume at least 500 g of vegetables every day.

There is a worldwide recognised food guide pyramid which is an outline of what should be eaten on a daily basis. Developed in the USA more than 20 years ago, the pyramid suggests that cereals are in the first place and vegetables and fruits in the second place from the point of view of their importance to the human body.  It is suggested a human must consume about 164 kg of vegetables annually.  

Nevertheless, despite its 20 years history, the pyramid has been continuously criticised for being difficult to understand and unclear. Various human nutrition related tests inspire disputes amongst the scientific society even now.  

Therefore, recently the food guide pyramid has been replaced by “My plate”, a project developed by the US President Barack Obama’s wife and agricultural and health specialists. It suggests that cereals and vegetables must account for the largest share of our daily food consumption.  It also recommends that we avoid large food quantities and replace sweet drinks by larger quantities of water.  

The idea that vegetables, from the point of view of their benefits to human body, are equalled to cereals in "My plate" has been evidenced by nutrition specialists.  Very often we tend to forget about the benefits on human health offered by vitamins and minerals present in vegetables. Certain valuable effects are even unknown to us. What are the benefits of vegetables grown  at and sold by Kvedarai Farm?