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Kvedarai Farm: experience and traditions

  • Kvedarai Farm: experience and traditionsKvedarai Farm: experience and traditionsKvedarai Farm: experience and traditions
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Kvedarai Farm is an agricultural farm in Kėdainiai District which is run by a well-known farmer and who is also the Chairman of the Lithuanian Vegetable Growers Association, Vidmantas Kvedaras and two his sons Arnas and Paulius.

Kvedarai Farm has been operating for 13 years since it was established in 1998. In the day to day management of the 140 ha farm, Vidmantas Kvedaras is assisted by his two sons Arnas, who is a Master of International Law and Paulius, a Bachelor of Business Management and Administration. The farmers are members of the Lithuanian Vegetable Growers Association. The farm has over one hundred employees including highly qualified agronomists, engineers and operations managers.

Kvedarai Farm offers a range of vegetables to its clients: fresh, pickled and processed. Carrots and cabbages account for the greatest share of the farms’ production and cover 60 ha area each. In addition to these types of vegetables, the farm offers beetroots, Chinese cabbages, onions and green onions as well as sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers, which are highly appreciated by the farms’ clients.

The farmers of Kėdainiai District are continuously introducing innovations in order to satisfy the clients' demand for exclusively qualitative products. Since 2000, the farm started to process the vegetables grown on the farm and installed special storage facilities with the capacity of 1000 tonnes. Currently the vegetables are stored in the storage facilities with the increased capacity of 5000 tonnes.

The farm uses the most up to date agricultural and field maintenance equipment, watering systems and harvesting machines. Kvedarai Farm has special equipment for used to prepare the vegetables for sale and packing. Therefore, the clients can now purchase sorted, washed and processed products in a variety of packages.

Vegetables and products from Kvedarai Farm are available in all the largest chains of superstores in Lithuania and some of the products are even exported to EU countries and Russia.